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I'm RJ. I do a bunch of stuff.  I design things like really friggin' good websites, amazing guitars, and  . . .  believe it or not - neckties. What I really like doing is convincing people to give a shit.  Read on . . . 

While you may love what you do, most people don't give a shit.   My job is to convince them they DO give a shit.  I'm good at it too.  

I love turning boring client content into engaging platforms that not only sell a client's product or service, but make a lasting connection with the site visitor.  After all, if the visitor can't connect with your site or you, they won't be spending their money with you.   Like my Grand Dad always used to say, "make money from your friends cause you sure as shit won't make it from your enemies."  

Having a site is important.   Having a site that has great search standing is important.   However, having a site that actually engages the visitor after they find it is paramount.  


The truth:  Any web guy can run an SEO tool to rank your site higher.   There are a million and one site designers to choose from and sites where you can build your own. However,   there are only a handful of designers that understand the psychology of the consumer and how to engage them via a website. I am one of those designers.  I have over 25 years of coding and site building experience.   I have over 20 years of e-commerce experience.  I have over 25 years of digital marketing and advertising experience.


In the end, my heart is in the design, my mind is typically in the gutter and my soul is currently for sale to the highest bidder.  

I had a testimonial section, but the people I paid to write nice things became greedy and I couldn't afford them anymore.  Doug Harris from Texas especially, not to call anyone out or anything.

That's me to the left.  I sometimes send impersonators to see if you actually read my site.   



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